Better To See Ophthalmologist Than To Not See At All

Just so you know, an ophthalmologist is a specialist eye doctor. Rather than visit your typical retail optometrist – something you could do on any day of the week, seeing as though you probably spend enough time at the mall – go and schedule an appointment with the ophthalmologist pittsburgh pa clinic. That way, rest assured, you should be able to see clearly for the rest of your natural life, assuming that your eyesight is in relatively good condition.

If it is in good condition, going forward, there will be two reasons why this is so. In the first case, consider yourself to be quite fortunate. After an extensive diagnosis by the ophthalmologist, it has been decided that your eyesight is quite good and there is no need for you to be prescribed a pair of eyeglasses. You may not have what is known as twenty – twenty vision but, safe to say, you can see quite clearly now.

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But should the ophthalmologist have decided otherwise – that is to say that after he has thoroughly examined your eyes he feels that it is in your eyes’ best interest to be equipped with a pair of glasses – your eyes should be enjoying relatively good health. Because you are wearing the prescribed glasses, your eyes are not being placed under any severe strain. It has to be said that thanks to lifestyle preoccupations and professional life, the eyes are probably the busiest pair of organs on the human body.

The retail optometrist, on the other hand – and please note, this in no way discredits his good business – merely takes a quick eye test and then a quick impression of the strength of lenses you might require. But his work is never as thorough as that of the ophthalmologist.